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Dorinel Marc

Recorded November 2011. Dave Allen meets with Dorinel Marc at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm to talk about the works in Marc’s solo exhibition “Jag saknar inte konstvärlden. Saknar konstvärlden mig?” (I don’t miss the artworld, does the artworld miss me?)

Dorinel Marc was born in Romania in 1964. Marc believes vehemently in the role of art within society and its ability and responsibility to change society. In his installations, videos and performances he often assumes the obtuse position of the onlooker viewing from another (disad)vantage point. A court jester forever pushing someone’s buttons, he consistently and with rigorous perseverance questions the received perception of our social make-up. In accordance with Marc’s stance on defining the shifting identity of the artist, since 2011 he wishes to be portrayed dressed in a burka.