Eight Days a Week, 2019
8 images, photocollage, each 45cm x 36cm

Eight Days a Week describes an incident that actually did occur, mirroring the notions of the Nu Facts Emerge film. Around the same time period, I shared an apartment with two friends. As was our nature, we ate dinner together with plates on our knees, watching the muted tv and listening to records. One evening, with the record recquiring changing, one of us got up to attend to the record player with a plate of food in one hand and a newly selected record in the other. The stupidly inevitable happened and the food replaced the record on the turntable. Remembering this event I considered how it could play off the ‘Nu Facts Emerge’ film as the actual versus the fictional I chose almost standardised, stock yet ambiguously neutral imagery for its presentation. There’s also several juxtapositions in opposition to one another at play all of which are entirely subjective and continually reassessed: to prepare dinner to dj; to make dinner to buy dinner; Findus Dafgård; The Beatles The Beastie Boys…. stock, neutral imagery endless embellishment and retouching.