Nu Facts Emerge, 2019
video film, 40mins

Nu Facts Emerge is sequence of films founded on a Proustian play with remembered actualities and the processing of memory versus time passed, and the point where unsubstantiated myth is created. In the mid 1980s I may have been witness to the spectacular incident of a friend, raising himself to change a record on the record player, stumbling out of the living room into the hallway and crashing through a plate glass front door, landing crumpled on the front lawn. Deconstructing the tale I asked eight colleagues from Glasgow, who could all have been there, to retell the story in their own words, convincingly elaborating and enhancing details. It’s a method borrowed from ‘The Aristocrats’ a running joke told, with varying degrees of embellishment, amongst comedians. The joke always consists of the same set up and outcome, what occurs in between is left to the narrator.