Silence Recording, Hansa Studios Berlin, 2001
CD recording, CD player, amplifier and speakers

This work forms part of an ongoing series of recordings made in recording studios and concert halls. The supposed ‘silence’ is played back in a gallery space at barely audible level. It is noticeable on entering the space but it very quickly becomes assimilated by the noises of the building, inside and outside. One functional point is that it may act as a reference noise or sound for all the other existing sounds in the space.

The specifics and histories of the spaces inform the reasons for the individual recording. In this instance, the Hansa Studios, probably the most famous studios in Europe. making these recordings I record the room empty, I use two mikes, a mixing desk and a DAT machine. Playing back the sound of the room I am in effect playing back a sound, the ambiance of the room, that exists on all previous recordings made there. We have all lived with this sound already via the recordings. For me the connection and attraction is, this is where Bowie recorded his Berlin albums ‘Low’ and ‘heroes’ and worked with Iggy Pop on ‘The Idiot’. For someone else the reference will be different. Many artists have worked there; Depeche Mode, U2, Jon Bon Jovi…