Jens Strandberg / Jenny Richards / Konsthall C

Konsthall C was set up in 2004 as a public art work by the artist Per Hasselberg and Stockholm suburb Hökarängen’s local town council. Housed next to communal laundry facilities, Konsthall C’s program ‘…focuses on issues such as society building, utopian ideas and democracy from both a local and international perspective’. The directorship of the Konsthall is a two year position, currently undertaken by artists Jens Strandberg and Jenny Richards. In this interview, which took place at Konsthall C in November 2015, Jens and Jenny talk at length on the current show – ‘Open House’, featuring works by Anna Ihle, Hiwa K and writer Gunilla Lundahl in collaboration with Bolaget (Lilian Domec and Thomas Gilek) – and their plans for ‘Home Works’, the umbrella title for their 2015/2016 program.

Apologies are due for the occasional noisy interruptions during the recording. Konsthall C’s building was unfortunately having a new lift installed on the scheduled interview day.