This is the Score, 2005
Wall drawing/performance/video
There are two versions of this piece. It began as a wall drawing based on a page from a photocopied punk rock fanzine from 1976.

This is a chord
This is another
This is a third… Now form a band

Indeed, if you do learn to play these chords you will be able to play a multitude of songs, punk and otherwise. But in a way that becomes mere emulation, which contributed to the mis-understanding of punk rock. There wasn‘t meant to be a uniform. I made a detourned version of the original drawing by flipping the fingering of the chords. This dissonant flipped version suggests; don‘t just copy, go and do something else.

This drawing became a ‘score’ which was then used for a series of shows that occurred in Germany in 2005. It‘s important to see the score as a drawing – it‘s not to be played literally. In four different exhibition locations I found musicians who could relate to the score in such a way that if they saw their music as progressive then they were playing to the score. The musicians played their music at a concert during the opening of the show, this was filmed on video and exhibited as documentation during the show.


JuliJuni at Neues Museum Weserburg

This_Is_Score_Dresden This_Is_Score_Dresden2

Neue Dresdner Kammermusik at HfBk, Dresden


Anja Kreysing at Museum Bochum